There has never been a better time to support Israel, and there has never been a more important time to support Israel.

Never A Better Time

There has never been a better time to support Israel, as supporting Israel now is not just giving away your own money for an ideological cause. Rather, you are benefiting as well.

You support Israel by buying Israeli stuff, buying blue and white, buying from Israeli companies. You benefit because there are so many Israeli companies making great products or offering great services. It is a win-win situation – you support Israel and personally benefit at the same time.

Never A More Important Time

There has never been a more important time to support Israel. Israel is practically under siege. Israel has been mostly isolated, with few standing beside her. With the Palestinians steaming forward towards a United Nations vote on a one-sided declaration of statehood in the coming weeks, and with relations with Turkey having come this past week to a complete freeze, and with the situation in Egypt continuing to deteriorate with the future being unknown, and with the rockets from Gaza continuing to fall on different cities and town in southern Israel, Israel is looking at a period of difficulty more serious than ever since her founding. 

How To Support Israel

It used to be that supporting Israel meant getting involved in political activity. Maybe you had to call your senator or congressman and pester him or her to support Israel. Maybe you had to put your safety on the line supporting Israel on a campus environment where it was an unpopular position. Maybe you had to write letters, sign petitions, go on marches, and send money to organizations.

What Can I Do To Support Israel?

No more. Nowadays support Israel does not need to mean that. You can support Israel by being involved in political activism, but that is no longer the only way or even the main way. Nowadays the average person can support Israel by buying Israeli stuff, by buying Israeli products, buying “blue and white”. 

Buy buying Israeli products you help stimulate the Israeli economy, while at the same time benefiting yourself from the great products and services offered by these companies. It is a “win-win” situation. 

You can support Israel by availing yourself of great products such as Soda Stream or you can buy modern but modest clothing from Kosher Casual. Or you can support Israel by buying beautiful artistic gifts made from the rockets themselves, or many other possibilities and opportunities.

At the same time, you can also sign up for the United With Israel newsletter and stay abreast of the news from Israel. And you can, and should sign the petition against any unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State.

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SodaStream Soda-Making

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I just added a page of another great Israeli company making a great product.

SodaStream is a company that you would not just buy it’s product as a way of supporting Israel, but you would buy this and you would love it.

You’ll love the great flavors, you’ll love the taste, you will love the freshness.

You will love SodaStream, and you will love soda making with SodaStream.

Bottom’s Up!!!

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I am always looking for new Israeli companies and products to support and encourage people to buy. If you know of such blue and white products and companies, please let me know.

Israeli stuff is the best. Let’s promote it.

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Today the Palestinians and residents of countries surrounding Israel are celebrating nakba Day.. While Israel celebrates the catastrophes in her history by pausing for reflection, by thinking of the memories and how people gave up so much for us, the Palestinians commemorate their catastrophes by crossing borders and starting riots.

Perhaps for them that is what “needs” to be done to “get back every inch of Palestine”, but it is a stark difference between how Israelis commemorate and how Palestinians commemorate. Someone should tell them that after four generations it is high time they moved on and started building their nation and state and stopped living so much in the past.

Who knows what the new Middle East will look like tomorrow, when the dust will have settled? I don’t know, and probably nobody does. Will this scale up towards greater conflict? Will it be one day of protests and die down? We wait and see.

I think these are the “interesting times” referred to in the ancient Chinese curse of “you should live in interesting times”.

The real way to combat Nakba Day and the growing attacks on Israel is to support Israel against terror. Support Israel against Nakba Day. Buy blue and white. Stand United With Israel.

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Today is Yom Ha’Zikaron and tomorrow is Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

The juxtaposition of our sadness in remembering the fallen soldiers and victims of terror alongside the tremendous joy and celebration in celebrating the establishment of the State of Israel 63 years ago, what gave us the ability to make aliyah to Israel, to live in Israel in relative safety and economic stability is startling.

We go from grief and mourning to joy and exuberance. It is something to think about.We must remember those who fell in duty, those who fell so we could live, so that we can properly celebrate the existence of the State, and specifically it’s establishment.

This Yom Ha’Atzmaut buy “blue and white”. Support Israel by buying Israeli products.

Some support Israel by living here, some support Israel by buying Israeli stuff, Israeli art, Israeli Judaica, Israeli clothes, and all sorts of other Israeli goods.

Support Israel. Buy blue and white.

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The JNF has declared today to be a very BIG day, with BIG standing for Buy Israeli Goods.

Today is the day to wear Blue and White and buy Israeli goods.

There are plenty of Israeli goods available in your local markets and shops, and if you prefer to shop online there is an endless supply of websites selling Israeli stuff.

My favorite is to add the factor of supporting those directly affected by terror. Support those who live in Sderot and buy from an artist who takes and converts rockets into  roses. He makes all sorts of Judaica items with his beautiful craftsmanship.

When would be a better time to support him and others like him on Buy Israeli Goods Day!!??

As rockets continue to be shot from Gaza into Israel, we are faced with an unusual situation. Hamas is now presenting the situation to the world as if Israel is at fault.

Hamas, or other groups under the control of Hamas, have shot numerous rockets into Israel over the past two weeks, eventually forcing Israel to send forces in to try to bring quiet back to the area. Yet Hamas then offers some sort of a cease fire, saying if Israel will stop its strikes into Gaza then Hamas will bring the rocket fire to an end. As if they are shooting rockets into Israel in response to the strike carried out by the Israelis.

The truth is that the Israelis in Sderot, and now Ashdod, Ashqelon, Yavneh and even as far as Rishon LeTzion, are all living in fear due to the incessant rocket shooting by Hamas. Israel responded in a limited attempt to bring quiet back to the area. Unfortunately it is looking more and more likely that this is leading to a full scale conflict, like the Gaza War. I hope it does not lead to that, but unfortunately it looks like it will.

Here is a video from the David Project in which you can see, just get a taste of, what the residents of Sderot and the surrounding areas live through:

and here is what you can do to support Israel, and to turn the rockets into roses, to turn the nightmare into a way of supporting Israel and specifically those most affected.

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Yesterday’s horrific terrorist attack in the heart of Jerusalem, in one of the busiest sections of the city, opposite the Central Bus Station (Tachana Merkazit), outside of the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha’Uma), at the main hub of bus stops, brought us back to the nightmare of terror in Jerusalem.

While the country has suffered wars and rocket attacks for the past years, terror has basically been subdued, with no attacks in Jerusalem in the past four years. Yesterday’s bomb alongside the bus stops that blew up two buses and injured 30, killing one, brought us back to the days where terror was a regular thing to consider when getting on a bus in Jerusalem. The height of the peace process, Oslo, was riddled with bus bombings, and what came to be coined by Yitzchak Rabin, korbanot hashalom, sacrifices for peace. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a reign of terror, and, with Gods help, the security forces will get it under control and stamp out the terror before it takes a foothold.

Now, with terror rearing its ugly head, with the return of the daily Kassam and Grad rockets falling on Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beer Sheva, now is the time to show your support for Israel. Don’t send money. Israel is not looking for charity. What Israel does need is a boost to the economy. The country’s economy is actually pretty good. However, the individuals need the help. The businessmen who will be suffering from a downturn in tourism, businessmen in the areas where rockets are falling and people hesitate before they go to the stores.

So, don’t send your charity. We want you to support the businessmen, not the country. Buy stuff. Buy Israeli stuff. There are great things out there, for yourself or for gift to give others.

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United With Israel

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United With Israel is an amazing organization promoting the support of Israel. As they describe themselves:

United with Israel is a grass-roots organization comprised of individuals who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Our primary mission is to foster global unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel.
Through communicating timely information, offering unique, meaningful products from Israel and donating greatly needed funds money to vital causes in Israel, we are dedicated to broadening the worldwide network of Israel supporters.
From incessant rocket attacks to threats of annihilation and fears of nuclear attack, Israel is alone in a big world of unfriendly nations. And for the first time, Israel is under intense pressure to divide Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. This is a defining moment for the nation of Israel.
Now more than ever, Israel needs the support of its friends throughout the world. To bond with Israel by sharing its pain and lending a helping hand. To stand with Israel throughout these critical times. To affirm that throughout history, Israel has been a great blessing to the world and only those who blessed Israel were themselves blessed (Genesis 12:3) . And those who sought to destroy Israel are no more.
United with Israel is developing efficient channels of communication to distribute critical information about Israel in real-time and inform supporters about practical ways to help. We offer very unique, cause-driven products from Israel that speak to the heart, support Israeli businesses and donate funds to vital charities in Israel. We are dedicated to promoting both the urgency and privilege of standing United with Israel.

They run all sorts of projects to this goal, and are very active on Facebook and elsewhere online.

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Israeli Stuff

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Welcome to Israeli Stuff. Israeli Stuff will be your source and guide to finding the best Israeli Stuff available on the Internet. Whether it is art, coins, stamps, clothing – if it is “blue and white”, we will find the best of it and make it available for you.

There are plenty of reasons to buy Israeli products. You might do so to support Israel, maybe to counter the ever-present boycotts against Israel, maybe to support the “buycott”, maybe just because you like the stuff Israel has to offer.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you buy Israeli Stuff.

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